Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship – Hospitality & Travel


The management qualification for those who wish to set up their own business in the hospitality and travel industry. Or those who want to have the skills to set up and open a new hotel, restaurant or tour business for others.


Highly interactive case and tool based approach to training with authentic industry cases and the latest tools in management – some of which are being provided for the first time in Sri Lanka, like the playscript method in strategic management.

The entire program can be taken in Sri Lanka. Alternatively, you can opt to take certain modules, e.g. modules 2 and 3 in Switzerland, at the management training capital of Continental Europe, St. Gallen – each module a full week.


8 weeks per module – intensive evening and weekend sessions:

  • Friday 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Saturday 9 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday 9 am to 1 pm every fortnight.


Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Swiss Institute. The full advanced diploma qualification is available to individuals who have taken all modules. For those who have completed modules 1-7, the final module is inclusive in the price.


  1. Trends and Best Practices in the Travel and Tourism Industry:
    • Gain a solid understanding of the megatrends in the industry and developments to be expected over the next two decade
    • Understand the changing profile of travelers
    • Acquire insight into the best practices adopted by the industry globally from sustainable to inclusive
  2. Strategic Management – Leadership & Implementation:
    • Strategy options for the travel and tourism industry
    • Key strategy instruments from scenario planning to strategy playscripts, management cockpits and risk analysis
    • Use tools in real cases from the global industry
  3. Sales & Marketing for Growth – Communication, Business Development, Experience Management:
    • Digital Media & Communication
    • Customer centricity
    • Customer value management
    • Branding and marketing for entrepreneurs
    • Sales growth strategies
    • Implementing sales strategies and achieving sales targets
  4. Product Design in the Service Industry:
    • Designing service industry products – best practices
    • Step by step design process based on customer needs evaluation
    • Packaging products to suit the market
    • Product pricing
    • Product improvement
    • Customer care and complaint management
  5. Pre-openings, Resource Management & Planning:
    • Pre-opening timelines
    • Mapping risk scenarios
    • Defining critical targets
    • Project Management
    • Resource Allocation
    • Job role definitions
    • Start-up and ramp-up strategies
  6. Writing SOPs and implementing processes:
    • How to design processes that are customer centric and easy to adopt
    • How to create SOPs that work for your business
    • How to train staff to use SOPs
    • Monitoring SOPs and their use
  7. Business Financing & Financial Management:
    • Assessing investment needs for a project
    • Defining the minimum viable product
    • Understanding investors
    • Accounting and finance for entrepreneurs and business managers
    • Industry case studies
  8. Practitioner Advisory Thesis:
    • Personal project for each participant to design and develop a start-up in the travel & tourism industry or to advise an early stage business in the sector using the learning from modules 1-7.

Entry requirements

  • Completion of A levels
  • And/or 6 years´ relevant industry experience.
  • Basic English (Candidates with no English can attend a 3-week pre-module crash course)

Course Fee for complete program:  LKR 120,000.00

  • Including module certificate.
  • Modules can be booked individually.
  • Module 3 can be taken as a crash course in Switzerland – for dates please inquire with our administrators.
  • Price for the course in Switzerland: LKR 300,000 per module plus flight, meals, and accommodation.
  • Pricing is introductory and could change without prior notice
  • The fees do not include taxes and certification fees

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