Advanced Certificate Course in Software Development in Java (Android App Development)


The students who complete this program are capable of developing Mobile Applications using Android technology

Syllabus / Content

  1. Introduction to Android Applications
  2. Introduction Android Development Environement
  3. UI components and Application Segments
  4.  Advanced UI/ Fragment/ List / Adapters
  5. Asynchronous Task and Main Thread UI enhancement
  6. Working with Remote data sourse and JSON API
  7. Resourse Handling and Memory Managemnt
  8. Maps and Location Based API
  9. Camera and Device Managemnt/ Broadcast Notification
  10. Signing/ Packaging and Deploying

Entry Requirements

1.Successfully completed Certificate Course in Software Development in Java 
2.Any other recognized certificate program including java language

Fee & Funding

LKR 21,000/=



Course Director(s)

Mr.T S P Weerasinghe