Advanced Certificate Course in Secretarial Practice


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to

  1. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the skills and techniques required to be an effective secretary
  2. Learn the vital skills and knowledge to improve the overall administration within your office, or organization
  3. Qualify for Advanced Diploma in Secretarial Practices conducted by National Institute of Business Management

Syllabus / Content

  1. Role of Secretary
  2. Effective Customer Care
  3. Introduction to Office Management
  4. Record Management
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Modern Written Communication (Letters/ Memos/ Circulars etc)
  7. Meeting Techniques
  8. Presentation Techniques
  9. Office Management
  10. Interview Skills
  11. Telephone etiquette
  12. MS Office Package
  13. Manuscript
  14. Negotiation Skills
  15. 5s for Office
  16. Stress Management
  17. Time Management
  18. Effective Public Relations

Fee & Funding

LKR 35,000/- + LKR 1,000/-(Reg)


Lectures, Discussions, Individual & Group work

Lectures & Practicals

1530 h - 1830h