Advanced Certificate Course in Financial and Management Accounting


After successful completion of the program, participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the basic theories relating to financial and management accounting
  2. Practice these theories in real situations

Syllabus / Content

  1. Accounting Principles and Concepts
  2. Books of Prime Entry/Double Entry Principles
  3. Error Corrections / Bank Reconciliation
  4. Preparation of Final Accounts using Microsoft Excel
  5. Preparation of Cash Flow Statement
  6. Interpretation of Accounts
  7. Basics of Cost Accounting
  8. Marginal Costing
  9. Variance Analysis
  10. Activity Based Costing
  11. Time Value of Money / Capital Budgeting
  12. Internal Controls in an Accounting System
  13. Taxation
  14. Working Capital Management
  15. Basics of Balance Score-card

Entry Requirements

  1. Passed A/L with one year working experience
  2. Passed O/L with three year working experience

Fee & Funding

LKR. 50,000/-


Lectures / Discussions / Project work / Demonstrations

Lectures & Practicals

1530h - 1830h (Saturdays)

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