Advanced Certificate Course in Data Analytics


Business Analytics is the scientific process of converting data in to more efficient and effective decisions. The Advanced Certificate Course in Business Analytics is designed for the participants, who are interested in developing analytical skills to support decision making. This course will assist the participants to learn from the basics of analytical tools to the most advanced tools. The goal of the program is to develop a sound understanding in business analytics concepts,tools and applications for making better decisions. Tools of business analytics can aid decision making by creating insight from data, by improving our ability for more accurate forecast for planning, by helping us quantify risk, and by yielding better alternatives through analysis and optimization.

Syllabus / Content

Types of Data
Modifying Data in Excel
Creating Distributions from Data
Measures of Location
Measures of Variability
Measures of Association Between two Variables
Overview of Data Visualization
Probability Concepts
Discrete Random Variables
Continuous Random Variable
The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)(Comparing More than Two Means)
Regression, Correlation
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Spreadsheet Models
Linear Optimization Models
Integer Linear Optimization Model
Non-Linear Optimization Models 

Entry Requirements

Professionalswho are involved in decision-making while seeking new ideas about how to solve difficult business problems.
Those who are new to the business analyst role and are currently working on projects.

Fee & Funding

Fee: Rs. 51,000.00


Lectures / Discussions / Assignments / Practicals

Course Director(s)

Mr B P P Thilakarathne

Lectures & Practicals

5.00pm - 7.00pm